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tv   Action News  ABC  November 29, 2014 2:05am-2:41am EST

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>> his name is shane mc he's 20-year-old student at west chester university and asked to leave a philadelphia pub early yesterday morning. that's not a big deal. but he has not been seen since and that is. friday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is the search for this young man an a reward for information about his whereabouts. live in manyunk tonight "action news" reporter chad pradelli, chad what's the story? >> jim, police detectives just left kildare's pub and they
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continue to look for clues in disappearance of shane montgomery. montgomery's mother tells me her son was told this leave this bar early yesterday morning because he distantly bumped into d.j. booth. he left. phone was dead, split from friends and has not been seen since. >> tonight friends and family of shane montgomery came to manayunk area looking for missing 21-year-old. >> this is extremely heart wrenching there are no words describe how i feel. >> dozens of people have been search around the clock montgomery's parents st. john baptist church has served as staging area. >> what we're doing that point is finding places that shane hit. >> fear mounts that the outcome will not be good. exhausted search today of the canal along main turned up no leads. >> and i can't thank the
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detectives enough for their assistance. >> there was a helicopter and k-9 unit. >> surveillance caught him walking west on main that's odd because their roxboro no in opposite direction you think he tried to walk home. >> we were suspect hing he tried to walk home. >> at this point police say there's no signs of foul play. local businesses in the area are pitching in to help and volunteer organization greater philadelphia search and rescue is now insisting in the search. >> if he can hear me know we're looking for him and know we love him. >> and there is another one of those flyers that have been posted up all over rox bow owe row and manayunk. 10,000 reward offered by the family for information leading to montgomery's whereabouts. search will resume tomorrow morning 10 a.m. i'm live in manayunk, chad
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pradelli, "channel 6 action news," jim. >> thank you, chad. >> ray rice has won his appeal and may return to the nfl if he can find a team. he was suspended indefinitely which showed him punching then pea fee an stay in revel casino hotel. rice said she's thankful an appeal's process was in place. and said i'll continue working hard to improve myself and be the best husband, father and friend. rice was released by the walt more ravens so he is a free agent which means he's tree to sign with any team. >> we're coming to the end of plaque friday.
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>> they came out in drovrz and some did not have enough hands to carry all the stuff they bought. >> when you offer deals like 30% off and 30% off misdemeanor at philadelphia premium outlets look out. so many dime shop they ran out of parking places. >> we came and they got a lot of sales. 50% off. we dpraim allentown and it's more expensive there. >> michael kohrs 40% off, >> forever 2 1, we racked up, shop, shop, shop, shop. >> and they were shopping it will until they dropped and same was true as king of prussia sglal where what did you find. >> aa lot of kloms. >> looks like santa came early. >> that's right. >> here at the region's largest
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mall about to get bigger you can find almost everything from electric cars to all that gliders like this 11 car at diamond ring. >> cost 5 40,000 dollars. >> that's beautiful. >> no harm in looking right overall annener jetic vibe at the kop sglal hopefully businesses are booming and they go into the black this season. >> well actually merchants are expecting increased sales this holiday season. >> all indicating trends show it's a strong season and national retail federation is saying we're expecting to see a 4.1 increase over last year. we're enthusiastic. how it looks. >> they closed 10:00 premium outlets and county sales for the day my sense was it was a pretty good day for 150 retailers out here. in limerick. dann cuellar, "channel 6 action news." >> thank you, dann dann, "action news" was up with early risers
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they cherry hill mall. the malls did not have monopoly on black friday. "action news" reporter eva pilgrim was in center city philadelphia and this is what she says. >> the signs are everywhere. plaque friday is here. >> we're in city and it's fun to walk around. >> it's great that's okay too better than the mall. >> in center city deals are mrntty and so are shopper. not everyone is shopping with christmas. today is family cadition for corgats. >> it's treat day. >> look a surgical strike we came in. >> shopped 15 minutes. now on to the hockey. >> only get one shot today. >> not everyone was ready to brave walnut for the black friday deals. >> we don't really do the black friday stuff we bapted to do something more fun and interesting.
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>> the traditional stuff. >> back on walnut the hunt for tree day continues. >> they might do candy and ipad and flyers jersey. >> it's long and tedious driving hours are late. wacky hours eva pilgrim "channel 6 action news." >> as always at least one black friday crowd dissolved into a frenzy. cellphone video showed how police officers had to snep at wall narcotic houston. shoppers actually threw a few punches and ended up on the floor fighting over nral television screens. >> tlees are trying to determine a motive for gunfire. it was larry mc williams that fired more than 100 rounds at
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downtown buildings. police say it was very fortunate nobody was injured or killed. mc williams was killed in the confrontation with police. >> the death toll has dlimd 120 tonight and in the wake of today's attack on central mosque in cano nigeria country's second largest city and they suffered varying degrees of injuries. nobody explained responsibility. it bears all hall marks of militant group poke aharran. it bears all hall marks of militant group poke aharran. >> poke . >> and. >> this is the man that opened fire inside the all-star hair studio in rock land shopping plaza. four were wounded in the shooting wednesday afternoon. one victim suffered critical injuries. that person still in the hospital tonight. a 5,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. >> police are investigating what
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caused a car to scene into a drug store in the torresdale section of philadelphia. the accident happened before 5:30 tonight, 9400 block of state road. police say the driver of the vehicle lost control and crashed into the bell air pharmacy. two people inside the car were not hurtch the store was closed at the time. >> still to come on "action news" tonight protesters target shoppers across the country in this plaque friday the voice there anger over decision not to indiet a furgeson police officer for the death of michael brown. >> temperatures today never climbed out of 30s here and i'm tracking warm air that will gradually make it into the viewing area. and we'll have the details in the accuweather 7-day forecast. >> this is sir stanley and today he'll find forever home i'm annie mccormick app a special black friday sale at the delaware county spca. we'll have that story coming up. >> jeff skversky with more on the eagles huge win in dallas.
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that and more when "action news" the eagles huge win in dallas. that and more when "action news" continues.
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demonstrate certifies grabbed attention of post slavrpingz giving shoppers to voice their anger over grand jury decision not to indiet the furgeson police officer that shot and killed michael brown hundred of protesters marched through the nal and laid down on the mall for for 4 1/2 minutes represent 4 1/2 hours brown's pody lid laid on the ground in furgeson. >> and some folks have shopping september areas rount the country and groud gathered outside the flag ship store in new york to voice their displeasure with the brown decision and seattle demonstrateers clashed with
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police as they marched into the mall. >> we got to know her a month ago when rescued from a backyard sick and mall nourished. pearl had a new home and new loving parents. annie mccormick has the story. >> who can resist puppy dog eyes. this black friday sale adoption events as dozens of people in delaware county asking how much is that doggy. there were plaque friday sales. organizeers kicked off events with adoption of pearl the pit bull. you saw her a month ago on "action news" after she was rescued from a chester backyard weighing only 0 pounds. darryl leery saw her on tv two sdmri fell in love with her right away. >> love at first sight. >> yes. >> he went home home with the
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leerys. >> we got her. >> we got her. >> it really gives us hope any animal can be rehabilitated you might imagine we see worst of worst here. to have a shining story like pearl's reminds us to never give up hope. >> spca did amazing job with her. from what i seen she didn't look like she would make it and now she looks look a healthy puppy sgu may not be able to still adopt pearl. there's plenty of other healthy babies you can take home and adopt at the delaware county spca. >> one of the fruit shelters that have puppies available for adoption and we have 50% off coupon through end of november. in media. annie mccormick, "channel 6 action news." >> santa claus checked out holiday sights and sounds this afternoon in franklin square in philadelphia children of course were excited by his arrival.
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franklin square electrical spec tackle holiday light show features 12 foot tall key and 50,000 led lights sink niceed to winter music. >> they sang christmas song as part of holiday party in immediate wra, delaware county tonight. families wind up along state street to meet lots of fun loving character including the philly fap attic and the man everybody was waiting for. santa claus driven by old time fire truck tonight in media. >> and they were bundled newspaper haddonfield, energy until for annual tree lighting ceremony tonight. chorus sang before the lighting took place and kids seem to have the most fun that holiday event and normally kids seem tom have the most fun. >> yeah. i mean especially when santa is there. christmas trees and all that stuff. >> feels like holiday season out. there you have to bundle up. it's cold. stormtracker 6 double scan showing it's dry out there. we don't have to worry about
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rain or snow. and it's nice to be able to drive around to look at christmas decorations and how do you like this view. chopper 6 was flying over shady brook farm newtown pennsylvania and wow, they are all set for the holiday season. looking great out there. temperatures though feeling a bit chilly. we never climbed out of 30s. started at 31 today. 4 degrees below normal and ended up at 39. twelve below normal and tonight temperatures are dropping quickly. already, 29 degrees in philadelphia. millville dropped down to 2 3. trenton 24. allentown 21. wilmington 28. reading 27. a lot of people in the poconos ski season starting early this year. current temperature up there 12 degrees. >> satellite 6 and action radar showing there are clouds beginning to stream in from the north and west ahead of a disturbance that could bring snow showers mainly through
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poconos tomorrow and elsewhere we're getting cloud cover. little wider view and you can see arch of moisture not much moisture but this is associated with a warm front that will move through on sunday and behind that warm front it will get a lot milder. tonight it's another cold night. partly cloudy. 15 degrees in schooler suburbs. 25 for center city and tomorrow ahead of this warm front it's going to be chilly. high only 40. maybe one degree warmer than today. lots of clouds. few peaks of sunshine and manly cloudy. once the warm front moves through it opens the door for subject of mild air out of southwest. 55 degrees on sunday. we'll get even warmer monday. second half of the week will be brighter than first. future tracker showing 9:00 tomorrow morning lots of clouds especially west of philadelphia and as we head through the day the clouds will thin out a bit by the afternoon by 4:00 and then sunday lots of sunshine and 8:00 in the morning we keep that sunshine through the day and
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monday ahead of cold front we'll see showers developing looks like late in the day monday and monday night future tracker showing showers and behind that system cool down tuesday roller coast were temperatures this coming week. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast clouds with some sunshine mainly in the afternoon tomorrow and high of only 40. but temperatures shoot up to 55 degrees on sunday. much milder. more sunshine. monday up to 60 for the first day of december. clouds up though. some showers late in the day monday. monday night head of cold front and behind that front tuesday temperatures take a dip. brisk and colder 42. bang up to the mid 50s on wednesday mostly cloudy 54. thursday sun mitching with clouds. high of 49 degrees. and friday, increasing clouds. perhaps showers by friday night. high of 50. owe so the first week of december really no arctic air or
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big storms and temperatures take a roller coaster ride going from 60 monday back to 40s tuesday and back to 50s wednesday. something for everyone. if you don't like the weather, wait one day. >> thank you, cecily. >> isn't aclause was there tonight he was a guest at the jersey shore. >>. >> he let us sing along with the favorite christmas carrollsa sea isle sit city third annual holiday extravaganza. is brand new 2,000 square foot interactive santa holiday cottage was unveiled today and gives families unforgettable journey to the north pole. cherry hill mall is one of only 8 malls in the country to feature the holiday attraction.
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>> sapt app clause ditched play today and arrived in center city. people cheered as the couple got off the market frankford line. this was 24th year for santa express. young riders that took part got a gift bag filled with treats. santa and mrs. clause made their way above ground to newly renovated dilworth park at philadelphia city hall and he put on skates for a once around at the new range. >> pennsylvania will be represented at the white house this holiday season. bow tech family for lehigh carbon county presented michelle obama with this year's official christmas tree. the 18 1/2 douglass fir will go on display in the blue room and he won the national christmas tree contest in 2010 and his parents francis and margaret tree contest in 2010 and his parents francis and margaret were champions in 2006
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>> they chip the ice the new rink offers winter form for the family now through january 6 they had tree lighting tonight and special guest included frostee the snow man and one reindeer by the name of rudolf and chorus of young people also sing at the event tonight. and for philadelphia sports fans black friday took on a special meaning. hundreds of people at the wells fargo center for door bustser discounts and exclusive flyers
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and sixers misdemeanor available for up to 30% off and best part flyers alumni bernie perant and joe kelly and joe watson were on hand to auto groff those items. those three could not have been very happy with the game itself. >> today. >> flyers win of the worst in hockey. over the last ten days flyers have been chewed out by gm, coach, players chewed themselves out in players only meeting and now the franz yelling too. flyers booed off the ice after yet another loss. not happy what what they're watching. second period. mark st. louis. steve may sop. flyers fall behind 2-0 in the third they can get it back on four minute power play oh, no. turning it over. here come the rangers. three on one. mason does not stand a chance.
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>> flyers lose 3-0 they've been shut out three times in the last six games. they've lost 7 of 8 flyers booed all day long. >> we're not playing well we're playing like khap. we deserve to get booed. >> it's deserved. >>. >> it's embarassing. and i'm not happy with overall perform sglans fly rerz fall ago part and everything is going right at the first place eagles. eagles within nine of twevlz game. undefeated against the division. big win down in d.c. last night. >> relatively healthy and we had our fair share early and we
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weather the storm and i think our guys are improving we're getting bitter which is good we'll play meaningful football in december. >> we got our butts beat. great part about the game get after. it i'm excited about what we do. >> seattle comes to town next sunday. another nfl news ray rice reinsite stated after win ago feel and rice can stein with any team in the league. >> rolingtsish goodell handed down suspension when video surfaced of rice hitting his then fiancee in atlantic city
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woo-hoo! as our gift to you, take 20% off the entire store. twenty percent! the entire store! hey, with savings like that, you could redo your entire house. just sayin'! blinds to go. blinds for life. penn state plays final regular game against michigan state and they're trying to avoid a whiteout senior day will be special. these have been sanctioned and a lot of coaching. it's magnified knowing everything they've been through. these are hard. you spend so much time together you know as a family.
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you know, and that's why postseason is important because it keeps family together. >> and penn state plays 9th ranked michigan state here on 6abc tomorrow at 3:30, college hoops lasalle coach not happy against 8th ranked virginia. without a basket first 7 minute of the game. they have to play catchup. they're down 6 with 90 seconds to go. trying to avoid the first loss of the season. >> thank you, chad. >> finally tonight a holiday ballet favorite took the stage in germantown. the nut cracker entertained the audience at the center for performing arts william penn charter school and the philadelphia dance theater will put on another performance tomorrow afternoon at 4. >> "jimmy kimmel live" next on channel 6 followed by night lane. jimmy's guests are one direction, tom baraka and jessie jay featuring two chains. "action news" contains at 5:30
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for cecily tynan, jeff skversky, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner have a good night and "action news" team, i'm jim gardner have a good night and great weekend aw, remember last year's 4th of july barbecue? look, there's bobby lighting fireworks. mm. there's bobby on fire. there's you laughing at bobby on fire. i love that picture of me. (camera beeping) these pictures skip from labor day to new year's. how did we miss thanksgiving?
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remember, our schedules got all mixed up? we all went away, and none of us really knew when we were coming back. guess what? tomorrow we celebrate thanksgiving. orwe celebrate thanksgiving in the fall. what if we're not around next fall? what if a new group comes in and replaces us? oh. everybody's gonna be like, "what happened "to the cul-de-sac crew? "i miss them. who are these new people? they're not so good." no. mnh-mnh. ♪ captioned by closed captioning services, inc. okay, guys, i have an announcement. and, no, andy, for the last time, we're not having dueling slumber parties. dai'm never gonna get to do a panty raid. dream bigger, dude. look, thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because i get to tell the people i love how much i appreciate them. since we missed last year, i've decided that tomorrow is thanksgiving. oh, well, as long as we're making things up, i won't be able to attend. i'm driving to georgia to adopt a baby unicorn. i don't want to celebrate fakesgiving.
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(chuckles) we're not calling it that. everyone's calling it that. (ellie and bobby) yeah. yeah. besides, jules, i have to work tomorrow. (chuckles) thanksgiving is always on thursday. you should probably take friday off, too. lot of fake shopping sales. sorry, j-bird, tomorrow is nickel taco at nickel's tacos, not to be confused with nickel taco, which sells tacos every day for a nickel, but they're just not as good. listen, hillbilly, you and everyone else here are coming to jules' thanksgiving. you might be brave enough to say no to her. are you brave enough to say no to me? go ahead. say something, jelly. i dare you. damn, torres. (lowered voice) if you were a dude, i'd be super turned-on right now. (lowered voice) i would wear you out. (gasps) (cell phone alert chimes) nanny text. wonder what stan did now. your son tagged my garage? got some good handwriting. right? relax. i buy him washable paint. why would you buy him any paint? the kid's totally out of control. please. kids get into trouble. (sighs) that's what they do. (chuckles) he has so much spirit.


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